• Mark T. Hofmann, Profiling Expert & Speaker
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Profiling, Interrogations and Deception Detection

Training & Consulting for Law Enforcement & Intelligence

Lone wolf terrorists and new forms of Cybercrime pose completely new challenges for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies. Psychological approaches, data analysis, the ability to build trust, detect deception and get to the truth are more relevant than ever to solve, link and prevent crimes.

Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst and Business Psychologist (M.A.). He is a university-lecturer for Behavioral- & Cyber Psychology and already at a young age, he has trained State- and Federal Police Officers from different countries in Interrogation, Deception Detection and Profiling. The Profiling-Expert studied Business Psychology and conducted scientific interviews with Criminals, Psychopaths and Hackers. He is considered one of the leading experts in his field.

However, “Profiling” is not a magic bullet, but only one of many approaches. Every profile is only as good as the data on which it is based.

With his psychological background and Arabic language skills (اللغة العربية), he can provide useful assistance to the Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community, when it comes to solving cases (Profiling), detecting deception and getting to the truth (Interrogation Psychology and Forensic Linguistics).

Mark T. Hofmann is known through numerous international TV-appearances and his own program on German television in cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office and the Police.

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International Crime Analyst & Business Psychologist

Investigations, Interrogations, Negotiations and Profiles.
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International Criminal Profiler | Profiling-Expert

Consulting, Crime Analysis, Investigations

Criminal Profiling Expert, Criminal Investigative Analysis

Criminal Investigative Analysis, Profiling & Case Linkage

Analysis and training on Criminal Investigative Analysis, Profiling & Case Linkage is available for Law Enforcement- and Intelligence Agencies.

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Interrogation Psychology, Lie Detection, forensic Linguistics

Psychology of Interrogations, Lie Detection & Forensic Linguistics

Analysis and training on the Psychology of Interrogations, Lie Detection & Forensic Linguistics is available for Law Enforcement- & Intelligence Agencies.

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Lecturer, Crime Analyst

Internationally renowned Profiling- & Psychology-Expert

Profiling Services: International Criminal profiler
International Criminal profiler
International Criminal Profiling Expert

Criminal Profiling und Psychology Consulting Services

Mark T. Hofmann does not work for a number of countries and reserves the right to refuse inquiries without further explanation. Please feel free to make an inquiry.
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