Vernehmungstaktik, Deceotion Detection, forensische Linguistik

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Psychology of Interrogations, Lie Detection & Forensic Linguistics

An interrogation is a negotiation about the truth. Besides physical evidence, interrogations & witness interviews are the most important source of information. The goal is not to get a confession at any price, but to get to the truth. The Psychology of Interrogations and Detection of Deception are basic skills for Police & Intelligence to build trust, to spot a liar and to get infomation.

Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst, trained and certified in the United States. He is a university lecturer for Behavioral- & Cyber Psychology and has met criminals, psychopaths, and hackers to research the inside perspective. He is in expert in Profiling & psychological methods. His approach and training on The Psychology of Interrogations & Deception Detection is based on three key elements:

1.Building trust and willingness to talk: This is mainly about the psychology of trust, but also time and location/room can have an effect.

2. Detecting deception: This is mainly about methods of Forensic Linguistics and Statement Analysis. Body language is completely overrated, language is much more important.

3. Getting to the Truth: Using lawful Interrogation- and Questioning Techniques and the Strategic Use of Evidence (SUE) to get true confessions.

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Psychology of Interrogations, Lie Detection & Forensic Linguistics

Consulting Services & Workshops on Criminal Investigative Analyis & Profiling are available exclusively for members of Law Enforcement- and Intelligence Agencies of democratic countries.

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Mark T. Hofmann is always ready to provide training and analysis, even remotely, if a meeting is not possible due to travel restrictions or time pressure.


Criminal Profiler und Lie Detection Expert

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Criminal Profiling Expert Mark T. Hofmann
Mark T. Hofmann, Criminal Profiler, Lie Detection Expert
Deception Detection Lie Spotting Expert, Interrogation Techniques
Lie Detection Expert, Lie Spotting Expert Hofmann

“Body language is completely overrated. You can see that someone is getting nervous, but not why. However, there are scientifically sound methods to detect deception and to get to the truth. Forensic linguistics play a key role.”

Mark T. Hofmann, Crime- & Intelligence Analyst

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% is the strength of the relationship between eye movements and thoughts. Whoever relies on such a model is wrong in 99% of the cases. It is not only useless, but dangerous.
% is the average success rate of police officers in detecting lies across numerous studies. That’s 4% better than flipping a coin and not better than the rate of laypeople.
up to 85.4% is the success rate of getting to the truth when police officers have been trained in the Strategic Use of Evidence. So there is hope, but it has little to do with body language.
Sources: Hartwig, Granhag & Luke (2014), Strategic Use of Evidence During Investigative Interviews: The State of the Science, Bliemester (1988), Empirische Überprüfung zentraler theoretischer Konstrukte des Neurolinguistischen Programmierens (NLP), Kanning (2013), Mythen der Personalentwicklung und Weiterbildung, Hartwig, Granhag, Strömwall & Vrij (2004), Police Officers’ Lie Detection Accuracy: Interrogating Freely Versus Observing Video, Christianson (2007), Offenders’ Memories of Violent Crimes

Analysis, Consulting Services and Training on the subject of Interrogation Techniques, Lie Detection & Forensic Linguistics are available only for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies of democratic countries.

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