• Mark T. Hofmann, Profiling Expert & Speaker
  • Keynote Speaker Soft Skills Cybersecurity


Profiling: Reading People, Lie Spotting and the Science of Persuasion

Learn to read people or to spot a liar from one of the best-known profiling experts. So far, Training and workshops were exclusively available for companies, police and government agencies. From March 2022, Hofmann will also make his knowledge available to individuals, professionals & managers. Topics of the Online-Courses will be:

  • Profiling: Reading people and identifying the hidden motives
  • Profiling for Leaders
  • The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Lie Spotting
  • Narcissism and Psychopathy: How to spot, understand and deal with dark personality traits

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Online-Courses: Profiling People

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Online courses starting March 2022

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