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Serial offenders (with no prior relationship to their victims), Lone Wolf Terrorism and new forms of Cybercrime are phenomena, that force Law Enforcement & Intelligence Agencies to develop new methods. “Profiling” is only one aspect of Criminal Investigative Analysis. Profiling is the result, based on an analysis process. Without valid data on the sequence of events (what happened and in what order), no conclusions can be drawn about profile, motive or possible previous convictions. Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst, trained and certified in the US. He is university lecturer for Behavioral- & Cyber Psychology and has met criminals, psychopaths and hackers to understand the inside perspective. He is an expert in psychological aspects. His approach and training is based on four key components:

1.Fundamentals of Logicical Thinking & Reasoning (Induction, Deduction and Scientific Principles).

2.Psychology applied to Ivestigations (It is about “translating” current research and knowledge about Psychopathy or Narcissism into concrete investigative approaches and/or identifiable Red Flags).

3. Inside knowledge from Interviews with non-incarcerated offenders (Information from own research, Darknet Analysis, and conversations with non-incarcerated criminals, – knowledge that cannot be found in studies and books).

4. Case Linkage, Detecting Crime Series and Predictive Profiling through advanced data analysis, standardization, networking, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Criminal Investigative Analysis & Profiling: Consulting & Training

Consulting Services & Workshops on Criminal Investigative Analyis & Profiling are available exclusively for members of Law Enforcement- and Intelligence Agencies of democratic countries.

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International Criminal Profiling Expert

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Criminal Profiling Expert Mark T. Hofmann
Mark T. Hofmann, Criminal Profiler,Crime Scene Analysis
Deception Detection Lie Spotting Expert, Interrogation Techniques
International Criminal Profiling Expert, Crime Analyst

“With everything people do or fail to do, they leave traces of their personality. I’m interested in translating psychology into concrete investigative approaches. How can we prevent terrorist attacks through an understanding of narcissism? How can knowledge of psychopathy and paraphilias clear cold cases? Psychology and data analysis are underestimated.”

Mark T. Hofmann, Crime & Intelligence Analyst

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% is the Psychopathy rate among prison inmates. But they are responsible for more than 50% of serious crimes. Nevertheless, many judges, prosecutors & police officers hardly know anything about Psychopathy.
% of death certificates issued by doctors in Germany, contain mistakes. Many forensic experts suspect that 50% of homicides are not even identified as such. So many crimes are not only unsolved, but unnoticed.
% is the official clearance rate for murder and non-negligent manslaughter. But many homicides may remain undetected. Dead people in hospitals do not initiate investigations. Serial killers in this area often remain undetected.
Sources: Kiehl & Hoffmann (2011), The Criminal Psychopath: History, Neuroscience, Treatment & Economics, Prof. Robert D. Hare (2005), Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among us, Statista (2019), Crime clearance rate in the United States in 2019, by type ,  Zack, Kaden, Riepenhausen, Rentsch, Kegler & Büttner (2017), Fehler bei der Ausstellung der Todesbescheinigung – eine Analyse von 10.000 Sterbefällen aus Mecklenburg

Analysis, Consulting Services and Training on the subject of Profiling and Criminal Investigative Analysis are available only for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies of democratic countries.

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