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The Dark Side of AI: How Hackers use AI and Deepfakes

An inspiring journey into the Dark Side of AI

Mark T. Hofmann is one of the best-known Profiling-Experts (CNN, CBS, Forbes, 60 Minutes Australia). As a Keynote Speaker he inspires people all over the world. More than 90 % of cyber attacks are caused by human error. AI changes the nature of attacks.

What motivates hackers? What are their latest techniques? How do cybercriminals use Chat GPT, Worm GPT and Deepfakes? What should we do to become a “human firewall” to protect ourselves?

Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst (‘Profiler’) and Business Psychologist (M.A.), focused on Behavioral- & Cyber-Profiling. He has met and anonymously interviewed hackers to understand the inside perspective. Get an exciting and rare insight into the Dark Side of AI from one of the most renowned profiling experts. In inspiring keynote speeches, he shows how cybercriminals are using AI and how we can protect ourselves.


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“More than 90% of cyberattacks are due to human error. It’s important to inspire people and also create awareness of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence and Deepfakes.”

Mark T. Hofmann

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Keynote Speaker: The Dark Side of AI

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'I didn't want to blink!'

It was sensational. An outstanding presentation! Even virtual. I didn't want to blink so I wouldn't miss anything. Clear recommendation!
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Mark T. Hofmann captivated and inspired the audience! (...) The adaptation to our audience made the presentation perfect. He is relaxed, friendly and highly professional. To experience him on stage is keynote-experience at its best and highly recommended.
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'A priceless experience!'

On my own behalf and on behalf of all participants, I would really like to thank you for the Profiling-Workshop and your time. It was an amazing and priceless experience for us. THANK you!

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