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From Reading People to Cyber Security: Exciting, inspiring and entertaining Keynote Speeches

Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst (“Profiler”), Business Psychologist and one of the most famous Profiling-Experts. Experience engaging virtual Keynote speeches about Reading People, Profiling or the Psychology of Cybercrime .

With his own streaming studio and more than 100 virtual- and live presentations per year, Hofmann is one of the Top Virtual Keynote Speakers. He knows how to inspire, interact and engage virtually. Mr. Hofmann is known through international TV-appearances and one of the leading experts in Behavioral- & Cyber Profiling. His clients include global players, companies of all sizes,  law enforcement agencies, NGOs, banks and top-negotiators.

As a virtual Keynote Speaker, Mark T. Hofmann regularly speaks at: Virtual Events, meetings, Online Team Building Events or virtual conferences.

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Profiler Mark Hofmann is available for virtual-, live and hybrid events.
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Virtual Speaking Topics

Profiling People

Reading People, Lie Spotting and the Science of Persuasion

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Profiling Hackers

The Psychology of Cybercrime and becoming a human firewall

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Profiling Psychopaths

Spotting Psychopaths in the Workplace

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Cyber Security Key Note

'I didn't want to blink!'

It was sensational. An outstanding presentation! Even virtual. I didn't want to blink so I wouldn't miss anything. Clear recommendation!
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'Very inspiring, and we are going to book again.'

It was the third Profiling-Keynote at our Microsoft Atrium in Berlin. A great lecture and it still has an effect - very inspiring, we are going to book again!
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'A priceless experience!'

On my own behalf and on behalf of all participants, I would really like to thank you for the Profiling-Workshop and your time. It was an amazing and priceless experience for us. THANK you!

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