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Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst (Profiler), – trained and certified in the US. Experience state of the art Profiling-Keynotes about reading people, spotting lies, the science of persuasion or how to spot Psychopaths in the corporate world.

He studied the science of persuasion and business psychology and participated in law enforcement trainings in the fields of Profiling, Interrogation Psychology and White-Collar Crime. Mr. Hofmann is known through international TV appearances and one of the leading Profiling-Experts.

He worked for companies like Microsoft, Mastercard, SAP, Airbus and law enforcement agencies all over the world.

As a Crime Analyst and award-winning Keynote-Speaker (Top-100-Speaker Europe), he is able to combine Crime- & Intelligence knowledge and motivational speaking like nobody else.


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Criminal Profiler Mark T. Hofmann is available for worldwide booking.
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'Very inspiring, and we are going to book again.'

It was the third Profiling-Keynote at our Microsoft Atrium in Berlin. A great lecture and it still has an effect - very inspiring, we are going to book again!
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'Absolutely worth every penny!'

The performance was absolutely worth every penny. My guests and I were thrilled, and there were 60 executives from all over Europe. It was an entertaining, intelligent and literally fantastic speech.
Profiler and Keynote Speaker for Congresses

'A priceless experience!'

On my own behalf and on behalf of all participants, I would really like to thank you for the Profiling-Workshop and your time. It was an amazing and priceless experience for us. THANK you!

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Keynote Profiling People

Profiling: Reading & Convincing People

What we can learn from the FBI about Social Skills

How can we read people and indentify their motives? How can we really convince people? How do we spot a liar? These questions are highly exciting, relevant and not only interesting for Police- and Intelligence Agencies.

Mark T. Hofmann transfers US-approaches and scientifically based principles to everyday business life. This Keynote is informative, entertaining, exciting and the most booked Keynote for corporate events.

Length of presentation: 30-60 Min., Languages: English/ German

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Spotting Psychopaths in the corporate World

Spotting Psychopaths in Business

Spotting and dealing with Psychopaths in the Corporate World

1% of all human beings are what psychologists call “Psychopaths”. In some industries 2-6%. In this Keynote, Criminal Profiler Mark Hofmann explains how to spot, understand and deal with Corporate Psychopaths. He reports from his own interviews and experiences with functional Psychopaths.

The topic is hot off the press and exciting, – be one step ahead of the bad guys!

Length of lecture: 30-60 minutes, Languages: English/ German

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Keynote Speaker FBI Negotional Tactics Model

Negotiating with FBI Methodology

What we can learn from Interrogation Tactics

An interrogation is a negotiation about the truth. There are difficult opponents, many emotions, high risk and little time. The basic principles of how to quickly build trust, indentify motives and negotiate better, are also extremely useful in everyday business. Profiler Mark T. Hofmann explains that good negotiation has little to do with “haggling” but a lot to do with listening and observing.

Length of lecture: 30-60 Min., Languages: English/ German

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Intelligence Psychology Keynote Speaker Booking Internatinal

Intelligence Psychology

What we can learn from Intelligence Agencies about Innovation

In one of the CIA manuals it says: “New ideas result from the association of old elements in new combinations”. Intelligence Analysis is often about making the best possible predictions about the future on the basis of limited information. Intelligence Agencies have developed a number of techniques and principles that help to quickly analyze and solve situations and develop new ways of thinking.

Length of lecture: 30-60 Min., Languages: English/ German

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Mark T. Hofmann is available for worldwide booking.
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