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Mark T. Hofmann is a Business Psychologist and Crime- & Intelligence Analyst, trained and certified in the US. At the age of 28 he was already a lecturer at the German Criminal Investigation Academy (Kripo Akademie) and trained police officers in Interrogation Psychology and Profiling. He is known through numerous international television programs and is one of the leading experts in his field.

Mark T. Hofmann was born in 1991 in Frankfurt, Germany. He learned everything about reading people and quickly developed a remarkable ability of observation by combining different approaches. In his master’s degree in Industrial- and Organizational Psychology (University of Wuppertal), the “dark topics” aroused his professional interest: White-Collar Crime, Psychopaths and Narcissism. He specialized in psychological approaches, traveled to the US and became part of an official Certification Program of the Department of Justice and was trained in Profiling- and Intelligence techniques in Washington D.C., Florida, Texas and Indianapolis. He speaks German, English, French and Arabic (العربية). In 2019 he was certified as a Crime- and Intelligence Analyst.

With his psychological background and modern training from a U.S.-perspective, Mark T. Hofmann can provide useful input to companies and the Law Enforcement- and Intel Community, when it comes to Interrogation Psychology, Profiling, Spotting Lies, Deception Detection or difficult negotiations.

He is internationally active as a Keynote Speaker, Lecturer and special consultant. His clients include ministries, banks, law enforcement, top negotiators and global players.

He is a well known TV-Profiling-Expert, bestselling author and has his own TV-program on German Television (Crime Time with Mark T. Hofmann). Consulting services, Keynote Speeches and Workshops for Law Enforcement and Private Sector can be booked worldwide. You will receive a quote within 24 hours on weekdays.


Crime- & Intelligence Analyst

Consulting Services, Keynote and Workshops can be booked worldwide. You will receive a non-binding offer within 24 hours on weekdays.

Mark Hofmann

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You can book Mark T. Hofmann as a Keynote Speaker, Lecturer and Consultant.

He is based in Germany and available for worldwide booking.
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