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Top Motivational Speaker Dubai: Profiler Mark T. Hofmann

Get inspired by one of the most famous Profilers and learn to see things that are invisible to others. Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst, trained and certified in the US. With more than 100 talks every year Mark T. Hofmann is one of the most booked speakers in his field. In inspiring Keynote Speeches he applies Profiling approaches to everyday business life: From reading people to the Psychology of Cybercrime. His interactive lectures are exciting, inspiring and have a lasting effect.

Mr. Hofmann is known through international TV-appearances and one of the leading Profiling-Experts. His clients include global players, law enforcement agencies, NGOs, banks and top-negotiators.

Mark T. Hofmann can be booked as a Motivational Speaker in Dubai for Corporate Events, Conferences or Hybrid Events. Please feel free to contact us – you will receive a non-binding offer within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Dubai: The Sky is the limit

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and has shown rapid growth in recent years. Digitization is not a vision of the future in the UAE, but already a visible reality. UAE is rapidly driving forward digital transformation and innovation. Initiatives such as Smart Dubai 2021, the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, programs to support startups or the UAE National AI Program make Dubai a major business hub. It is without a doubt an exceptional place for special events. Make it complete with an outstanding presentation of Profiler & Motivational Speaker Mark Hofmann. Feel free to contact us.


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Profiler & Motivational Speaker Dubai

Speaking Topics

Presentations can be booked in English or German (Duration: 25-60 Minutes).

Motivational Speaker Dubai, Topic: Soft Skills

Profiling: Reading & Convincing People

What we can learn from the FBI about Social Skills

Book Mark to speak about Profiling People
Motivational Speaker Dubai, Topic: Cybercrime

Psychology of Cybercrime

Profiling Hackers & becoming a Human Firewall

Book Mark to speak about Cybercrime
Motivational Speaker Dubai, Topic: Negotiation

Negotiating with FBI Methodology

What we can learn from Interrogation Tactics

Book Mark to speak about Negotiations
Motivational Speaker Dubai, Topic: Psychopaths

Spotting Psychopaths in Business

Spotting and dealing with Psychopaths in the Corporate World

Book Mark to speak about Psychopaths

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International Top-References

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'Very inspiring, and we are going to book again.'

It was the third Profiling-Keynote at our Microsoft Atrium in Berlin. A great lecture and it still has an effect - very inspiring, we are going to book again!
Speaker in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

'Absolutely worth every penny!'

The performance was absolutely worth every penny. My guests and I were thrilled, and there were 60 executives from all over Europe. It was an entertaining, intelligent and literally fantastic speech.
Motivational Speaker Keynote Speaker Dubai

'A priceless experience!'

On my own behalf and on behalf of all participants, I would really like to thank you for the Profiling-Workshop and your time. It was an amazing and priceless experience for us. THANK you!

Inspiring Profiling-Presentations in Dubai, UAE

Hire Top Motivational Speaker Mark T. Hofmann in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Experience 25-90 minutes of infotainment at the highest level. Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime Analyst & Speaker and is frequently in the Emirates. Motivational Presentations, that leave a lasting impression – adapted to your event, your company and your target group. Inquiries will be answered within 24 hours on weekdays.

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