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Keynote Speech: Spotting Psychopaths in Business

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Mark T. Hofmann is one of the best-known Profiling-Experts. In this exciting Keynote-Speech, he takes his audience on a journey into the minds of Corporate Psychopaths, reporting from his own encounters and interviews with Psychopaths.

Psychopaths have a shallow emotional life, no empathy and no conscience, but can be charming, charismatic and convincing. 1% of all people are what psychology calls ‘Psychopaths’.

Hofmann reports from his own interviews, research, and encounters and vividly explains how to spot, understand, and deal with Psychopaths in the Workplace. You will be able to hear a pin drop.

Hofmann is a crime analyst, organizational psychologist (M.A.) and is completing his doctorate on the subject of psychopathy. He is known through the ARD program Crime Time and international TV formats.


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'Very inspiring, and we are going to book again.'

It was the third Profiling-Keynote at our Microsoft Atrium in Berlin. A great lecture and it still has an effect - very inspiring, we are going to book again!
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'Absolutely worth every penny!'

The performance was absolutely worth every penny. My guests and I were thrilled, and there were 60 executives from all over Europe. It was an entertaining, intelligent and literally fantastic speech.
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'A priceless experience!'

On my own behalf and on behalf of all participants, I would really like to thank you for the Profiling-Workshop and your time. It was an amazing and priceless experience for us. THANK you!

“There are two places where Psychopathy is more prevalent than average: Prisons and Boardrooms. In fact, the IQ of most Serial Killers is drastically overestimated. The clever Psychopaths go into business.”

Mark T. Hofmann, Crime & Intelligence Analyst

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